Price for videography at NRCC

Price and Terms & conditions for videography/ developing documentary/ film on Camel husbandry at NRCC

  • The Organization/ Individual will have to inform in advance about the filming schedule and activities to be undertaken for film making purpose, so that proper arrangements are made. Request should be submitted in a prescribed Performa.
  • The organization/ Individual will have to provide soft copy of the materials developed from filming at the centre.
  • NRCC reserve the right to use those photo/ video clips for their own purpose.
  • Script of the documentary should be submitted to NRCC before final publication.
  • The organization/ individual will plan his proposed schedule to be shoot between 1 PM to 5 PM.
  • The organization/ individual may consult the center website to get background information however no printed material/ supporting documents/ literature/ research findings will be provided by the center.
  • Name of ICAR-NRCC should be acknowledged in the film/ documentary prepared.
  • The private Organization/ Individual will have to pay Rs 10000/- (including GST as applicable) per day.
  • The organization/ individual will have to pay any damage, incurred/ theft during shooting/ filming.