Research Programme

  • Development of human resource in the area of camel health and husbandry and linkages of national and international resources

Research Activities

  • Training of scientist / veterinarians from line departments/SAUs / NGOs in different aspect of camel health and production
  • Training of camel keepers/farmers on the art and science of camel husbandry
  • Knowledge process dissemination through Kisan mela, Kisan gosthi, animal fairs, print & electronic media.
  • Organization of summer institute/ conference/ workshop
  • Inter institutional linkages and coordination

 The Centre imparts training to the scientists/veterinarians in the following fields

  • Camel managment and health
  • Molecular markers for characterization of camel breeds.
  • Database management
  • Sonography of reproductive organs and cryo-preservation of camel semen.
  • Preparation camel milk products.
  • Diagnosis and control of camel diseases.

Followings foreign students were given training / carried their  research work at the Centre:

    • Dr . Fawzy M.Abo-Donia of APRIm Ministry of Agric. & Land Reclamation, NodiEi-Said St., Dokki Giza, Egypt, in Animal Nutrition sponsored by CV Raman Fellowship of FICCI and Govt. of India
    • Mr.Wathig Hashim Mohammed of Tubool Camel Research Centre, Resources Research Corportion, Khartoum, Sudan, in Molecular Genetics.
    • Dr. Davide Monaco of University of Bari, Aldo Moro, Italy for Ph.D. research work in camel reproduction.
    • Dr. Abbussamad Muhammad Abbussamad, Ph.D. Scholar from Georg-August University Goettingen, Albercht-Thaer-Weg 3, 37075 Geottingen, Germany in Camel Reproduction.
    • Benedicte Benuelt, trainee student from Sup Agro Centre Internatioal d’ etudes Superieures en Science agronomiques, Montpellier Cedex, FRANCE in Camel Reproduction.