1. Value Added Camel Milk Products Developed for Popularization and Commercialization
In pursuits of transforming camel into a milch animal and in view of beneficial properties of camel milk for human health, there had been continuous efforts by the Centre in promoting and popularizing camel milk as health drink among general public through development of different value added camel milk products. Such technological advancement has commercial bearing on health and food industry which ultimately helps the camel owners. Camel milk and its products were sold for Rs. 8.78 lakhs during the year 2019-20 from the milk parlour of the Centre.
The following value added camel milk products have been developed, standardized and evaluated in order to promote them for commercialization.

1. Camel Milk Ice-cream and Kulfee



2. Fruit (Sapota) Flavoured Camel Milk
3. Camel Milk Cheese (Cheddar type)
4. Camel Milk Nuggets
5. Fruit Flavoured Whey Drink



6. Sugar Free Camel Lassie
7. Camel Milk Paneer
8. Camel Milk Kheer
9. Camel milk chocolate
9. Camel Milk Gulab Jamun
10. Camel Milk Barfi
11. Camel Milk Peda
12. Camel Milk Sandesh
13. Spray dried camel milk powder
14. Lyophilized skim milk powder


15. Camel Milk Skin Cream


16. Complete Feed Block
17. Complete Feed Pellets
18. Area Specific Mineral Mixture



19. Skin application for treatment of Thikria (skin candidiasis)
20. Formulations for the treatment of Dermal Mycoses in Camel
A herbal formulation for treatment of dermal mycoses in camel has been developed and patent filed for this product on 02.12.16 in Indian Patent Office.
21. Treatment of Pica
Providing specially designed mineral mixture at the rate of 50 gm per day per animal for two months was found satisfactory in terms of relieving the camels from symptoms of pica. For extension of the technology various trainee farmers at the centre were made aware about this technology.