Ongoing Research Projects/Programs

    A. Institute Projects

    1. Genetic improvement of indigenous camel breeds for dairy potential
    2. Studies on post parturient fertility in Camelus dromedarius
    3. Exploring genetic variability in immune response gene associated with skin infections and mastitis in camel
    4. Etiopathological investigations on abortions and neonatal morbidity and mortality in dromedary camels
    5. Evaluation of udder health and milk quality in dromedary camel
    6. Studies on pica like conditions in camel 
    7. Generation and validation of an herbal immunomodulator for camel
    8. Isolation, culture and characterization of camel fibroblast cell and their cryo preservation
    9. Physio-biochemical changes in camel milk under different stages of lactation and its functionalities
    10. Comparative evaluation of camel milk protein hydrolysates in combating diabetes
    11. Evaluation of different aspects of camel for eco tourism as livelihood resource under different ecologies


    B. Externally funded/ ICAR /Network projects

    1. Characterisation of Marwari and Sindhi Camel (NBAGR)
    2. Deciphering MHC diversity and its functional significance in Indian Camel breeds (DST)
    3. Task Force on Himalayan Agriculture (DST)
    4. Network project on Veterinary Type Culture Collection –Rumen Microbes  (NCVTC)
    5. Isolation of camelid antibodies as antibiotic adjuvants against multidrug-efflux transporters of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (DBT)
    6. Functional metagenomics of camel rumen microbiome for novel key glycoside hydrolases (GH) to benefit animal nutrition and biofuels (DBT)
    7. Commercial scale development of novel camelid antivenom against Echis sochureki venom (BIRAC)
    8. Development and evaluation of lipid based nanoparticles of quinopyramine and isometamidium salt for treatment of Trypanosoma evansi in camel (DBT)