• The library has 8179 documents which includes books, bound journals and theses.
  • The NRCC library subscribed following journals (Print copy) published by DKMA, ICAR, New Delhi.

    The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences

    Indian Farming


  • The NRCC library subscribed 12 newspapers and 8 popular magazines.
  • The NRCC Library is a member institution of Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA) program of DKMA, ICAR, New Delhi,. The CeRA provides online access facility of national and international e-journals and e-books.
  • The Library has vast collections of Annual Reports of ICAR Animal Science institutes, M.V.Sc. and PhD Theses and Reprints of research articles on camel.
  • VETCD CD-ROM database is available in the library.
  • The library using Software for University Libraries (SOUL) software developed by INFLIBNET Centre (UGC), Ahmedabad
  • The Library facilities have also been extended to all enthusiasts of the premier academic and research institution across the city.